If You Hire Writers To Write For Your Blog : You Can Still Be a Good Blogger

Today I came across an article by Karan Paul from  his blog TrueMarketingCoach. Karan says “If you hire writers to write for your blog you are not actually a blogger”. My today’s article is the opposite view. I think that hiring writers to write for your blog is totally genuine and you can still be a very good blogger if you hire writers to write for your blog. Why? keep reading….

Image Credits: TrueMarketingCoach.com

Who is a blogger?

According to me, the one who creates an idea and new thoughts and then shares it with the world through a website/webpage is a blogger. It does not matter who wrapped the idea in the words. There is no harm in hiring another person to wrap your original idea in his/her words. Blogging is not only about writing, its all about new ideas and new thoughts.

Who should hire a writer for his/her blog

1. Lack of time: If you have lack of time, there is not problem in hiring other writers.

2. Lack of writing skills: A person can have lots of new ideas and thoughts in his/her niche but lacks in writing can hire other writers.

The problem

The problem occurs when you do not have idea of your own and you copy ideas from others. If you hire other writers to create a new idea for you then you are definitely not a blogger.

Ending Words

I would like to finish this article by saying that idea should be original and the idea can be converted into an article by hiring a writer.

User comments needed

Dear readers, I would like to read your comments on this controversial topic. Click here to post your comments and feedback.

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  • I too read that post [on truemarketingcoach]. So when I saw the title I decided to read it. The answer lies in the definition of a “blogger”. According to some (like you), it is simply a person who shares ideas. That way, a person who hires writers is a blogger. But some other people believe that a blogger is a person who writes articles to help or entertain his readers. That way, a person who hires writers cannot really be called a blogger.

  • Hi
    I totally agree with you. Rather i am in process of hiring a content writer
    on a project of which i have lots of knowledge, experience , i want to write
    about it, but think don’t have good writing skills. So your second point that
    somebody may not have writing skills so he/she can hire a professional writer
    can still be called a blogger is very valid.

  • I think the points you have mentioned , is really worth . It is brief but it is right but yes it depend upon the situations as you have mentioned.

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