Sidebar : Blog Design Series Part 4

My today’s article is divided into two parts (i) in the first part I am going to tell you the importance of sidebar, some important widgets to add to the sidebar and (ii) in the second part will give you few inspirational sidebar designs so that you can design a perfect sidebar for your blog. Lets start :

1st Part

Last month I wrote a detailed article on sidebar, that was titled as How to make most out of your sidebar. This post covers the first part of my today’s article.

2nd Part

Now moving to the second part i.e inspirational sidebar designs. Of all the blogs I visited I’ve collected a list of some blogs that have extra ordinary sidebar designs that will help you to design a perfect sidebar for your blog. Enjoy the list :


inspirational sidebar designs


inspirational sidebar designs


inspirational sidebar designs


inspirational sidebar designs


inspirational sidebar designs

PSD Learning

inspirational sidebar designs

GoMedia Zine

inspirational sidebar designs

Tripwire Magazine

inspirational sidebar designs

So, this was all about you need to make a perfect sidebar, did I miss something ? Do share your views!

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