Understanding Link Building : Link Building Secrets 2013 Series

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Welcome to my “Understanding Link Building” tutorial series. This series will go on for a week i.e 7 days and each day I will share a new topic. Topics that will be covered in this series are given below. Let’s start with the introduction.

Well, it is quite possible to rank a website high on search engines without getting links to it but unfortunately it is a rare case when you have a very low completion for the keywords. But, if the competition is very high i.e. many website trying to rank for the same search phrase as you, links plays a very important role. So, you need a very strong linking strategy.

In this tutorial series you are going to learn:

  • The evolution of Search Engines
  • Importance on links
  • In depth understanding of Page Rank
  • Role of keywords and how they help in SEO
  • What are Perfect Links
  • What not to do while creating link
  • Understanding Google Link Game and a lot more
  • How to get quick links to your website
  • Link Baiting in depth
  • Link Jargon : Basic link building terms used in SEO

I will not waste your time anymore. Let’s start with my first post on “Understanding Link Building”.

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Gagandeep Singh March 27, 2013 at 11:36 pm

Amazing Post…Really Informative. Thanx for sharing this post…


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