How To Backup WordPress : 100% Secure & Working Method

It’s been 6 years I am using WordPress and there is a major method every WordPress user must know and that is how to safely backup WordPress. In this tutorial you will lean how to backup WordPress database, posts, comments, database, plugins & themes. Not only this, in this method I’ll tell you how to backup all WordPress files through cPanel in one click. After taking backup you can make a copy of your blog offline and can also move your blog to another host. By following the method below you will not loose any single setting and any single file and the steps below are 100% secure.


In order to successfully complete the backup process you need to have :

  1. FTP details
  2. cPanel details
  3. Knowledge of how to install Plugins

Step 1 : Take backup of WordPress themes and settings

First of all install a WordPress plugin called WP DB Backup to take complete backup of your database and after installing it go to Backup under Tools :

Select your backup options. You will see three backup options, you may choose anyone you like but I prefer the 3rd one.

  • Save to server
  • Download backup to PC
  • Email backup

Click on Backup now! button

After you click on Back now! button, automatic backup will start and a dialog box will appear asking you to save the backup file. The backup file extension will be of sql.gz

You can also schedule backup hourly, daily and weekly. After selecting desired options click on Schdeule Backup

This sql.gz file includes backups of :

  • Theme
  • Permalinks
  • Plugins settings
  • All posts, comments and settings

Congratulations, you’ve successfully backed up important files of your blog. Now, its time to take backup of WordPress files in your blog.

Step 2 : Taking backup of WordPress files

To restore your blog, you first need to log into your website cpanel by typing After you log into cPanel, under Files click on File Manager

Now, in the File Manager open to the folder where your blog is located

After opening your blog folder, at the top click on Select All and it will select all the files of your blog. After clicking on Select all click on Compress button just above it.

Compress button will make a ZIP file of complete files on your server and will also reduce the size of the files, this will help you to download the backup. Now, select your file compression format and at the bottom click on Compress Files

When you will click on Compress files, it will start compressing the files and will generate a dot zip file in your blog directory. In my case it is It can be different in your case.

Now, select that file and download it in your PC.

Congratulations, now you have taken complete backup of your WordPress blog including all WordPress files, theme settings, plugins, posts, comments and all other things. This is the most secure and easy way to take backup of your blog. I always use this method and till now I have not faced any problem.

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