Google Plus : The Ultimate Guide

Google Plus, the newest,latest and a very different member of social networking websites. Now, why I call Google Plus a different social networking websites, you will get to know about it later in this article. Google Plus is a fantastic service that allows you to share your thoughts, ideas, photos, videos with the world. Most of the bloggers out there says, what’s different with Google Plus? Its just an old social networking site like My Space, Orkut & Facebook. But my dear friends if we are smart then Google is smarter. Google Plus has those awesome features that are still not present in any of other social networking website till now.

How Google Plus is different

Google Plus is quite different from other social networking websites and the very first feature that makes it unique is that in Google Plus you can share different stuff with different group of people. Suppose, I want to share my family pics and I do not want my college friends should see it, Google plus can help to filter such things better. This can easily be done with the help of Circles. I cannot choose between different group of people in Facebook but yes, in Google it is very much possible. This is the primary reason why Google plus is different.

Google Plus Basic Terms


1. Circles provides us an option to share stuff on Google plus differently with different group of people, which means you can create different networks on a single platform with a single account at the same time. This can be done with the help of Circles. With Circles you can group people together eg, family, friends, college friends, bloggers etc and share posts, videos, images with them individually. By default Google Plus comes with following Circles:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Acquaintances
  • Following

2. Google Plus provides option to create your custom Circles also and mange them. How? I’ll tell you. At the top Google + Toolbar click on Circles icon:

3. When you click that icon, you will see list of your Circles. If you’re opening your Circles first time you will see following Circles:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Acquaintances
  • Following

4. The number inside the Circles shows the number of people that are in the Circle. If you want to see the number of people on any particular Circle just click on that Circle at the bottom.

5. There is another option when you will open Circles and that is Find People. This option allows you to search and browse more people on Google Plus network. With this feature, you can find friends from Yahoo, Hotmail and can also upload your own address book. Google already displays those people who are in your Gmail list.

6. How to create a Circle : Creating your own custom Circle in Google Plus is very easy. Just click on Circles link at top, and at the bottom click on the Circle titled Drop here to create a Circle.

Name your Circle and add people and click on Create.

7. You can also edit existing Circles and change default name and description by clicking on the blue Circle and then selecting Edit.

Note : You can also edit any Circle just by right clicking on it and selecting Edit circle.


1. Stream is a unique name given by Google Plus which is same as Wall in Facebook. The very first thing anyone will do on any social networking website is read or write. So, in order to share your thoughts, photos, videos with others you will need Stream. Whenever you post any stuff to your stream, this is called Sharing. You can share following stuff on Google Plus:

  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Your location

2. Text : Whenever you type any text on share box, you can use following formatting options :

  • To make anything bold use *bold*
  • For italics write _Italics_
  • For strike through type -Strikeouts-
  • For mentioning anyone you can use + or @ symbol just like in Facebook

This is how your share will look like after using above formatting tricks:



3. You can upload photos, create albums and share it with friends. If you’ve Google + Android app installed in your phone, you can directly share photos & videos on Google + just by a click of a button. How? I’ll tell later, it’s better to go through all the features and know all the tips & tricks.

4. Stream filtration : You can filter you streams by clicking on the Circles name in the left hand side column. The Circle name will turn red when selected. There is a stream filter calledIncoming. It displays the streams of those people who have shared something with you but they are not in any of your Circles.


1. Hangouts is a superb feature in Google Plus that allows you to start a video conference as well as group chat with people in your Circles. You can invite people, chat and even watch YouTube videos all together.

2. You can start a hangout from the right side column by clicking on Start a hangout button. But before clicking on Start a hangout button, there are few things you must know few following things:

  • In order to start a hangout you need to have the Google Voice and Video Plugin. If you do not have it you can download it here.
  • Maximum members in a hangout are 10. I think Google must increase it.
  • If no activity is seen for 90 minutes by any member, Hangout closes automatically.
  • You must have a good Internet speed and must have a webcam and a microphone.
3. You can also start Hangout through YouTube. Open any YouTube video, click on Share button and you will see there is an option to start a Hangout.


1. The next icon after Home in Google + Toolbar is Photos. When you will click on it, you will see lots of photos from your Circles. These are photos that are recently uploaded by people that are in your circles. You can browse to different photo section by clicking different options in the left hand side column :

  • Photos from your circles : It will display recent uploads around Circles
  • Photos from your phone : Photos that will upload from your phone
  • Photos of you : It will display photos in which you’re tagged
  • Your albums : Every photo you upload comes in an album, you can view complete albums here

2. There is a button at extreme right titled Upload New Photos. Clicking on it will allow you to upload photos to your albums. But there are few points you must remember :

  • Every account gets 1 GB space for free photo storage
  • You cannot upload photos larger than 2048×2048 pixels


The second most thing I love Google Plus is because if its search feature. You can do huge number of things with Google Plus search feature. At the top of Google Plus you will see search box. When you will type anything in it, it will show results and when you will hit enter you will be taken to Google + search result page. This page consists of :

Everything : This is the default option, it will show results based on all the options below i.e people, pages, posts, sparks etc.

People : Selecting this option will display people on Google Plus. The results will be displayed according to name as well as the content in the profile. You can also directly add people to Circles on search page.

Google + Posts : You can search for your own posts as well as posts shared by others with the help of Google + Posts tab.

Sparks : An extra ordinary feature in Google Plus. All the above three options helps you to search content that are in Google Plus with the help of Sparks you can search posts around the web that are shared by other Google Plus users.

Suppose you type any company name or your own name daily on Google Plus, you can easily save that searches by hitting Save This Search button at the top right corner. Google + will save the search with the name of the keyword that your searched for.

If you want to remove the search, at the right hand side place your cursor on the search name and click on x button.

Google Plus on Mobile

At first Google Plus application came for Android and then for iPhone but we have Google + app for both the operating systems. You can access Google + app by visiting

iPhone app vs Android app

Though you can access Google Plus application on both iPhone as well as Android phones but there is a slight difference between the two. Android application has a feature called Instant Upload.

Whenever take any picture or capture any video, all the data will be uploaded to a private folder in Google Plus. If you want you can share and even download them on your PC. iPhone app is mostly similar to Android app.


After the release of Google Plus, it introduced games feature to it. You can open the games link by clicking on the games icon at the Google + search bar. The left side column consists game categories. Select the category and click on game icon and you will see play button, click on it and start playing the game. You need not to install any extra plugin to play the games.


Though Google Plus has similar settings as Facebook and can be understood easily but there is an option in the left hand side called Data Liberation. Google + settings can be opened byvisiting this link

This option lets you download and take backup of all our photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts, and Buzz posts to your computer. To keep yourself updated about all Google Plus features, tips and tricks do subscribe to my blog.

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