Google Plus Blogger Template

Google Plus project started few weeks back. I just saw few WordPress templates getting released, so I thought to release its Blogger version. Well, personally I really love the design of Google Plus and thinking of re-designing my blog giving it a bit of look same as Google Plus but may be later. Check out the screenshot below of the latest Google Plus Blogger Template.

Google Plus Blogger Template Screenshot, Demo & Download link


Important Instructions

  • If you want to change the logo, open template source code and search for “” and replace this image link with you own logo but remember the size should be same.
  • There are four menu option but beside the logo, by default I’ve given some links, if you want to change it, you have to do it manually. Search for <div class=’top-options’> and you can make the changes there.
  • At top there is option to add Pages that are added automatically.

My humble request

I’ve four requests to make, to all the users who are downloading this template:

  • Please do not remove footer credits
  • Please re-tweet this post
  • Please like it and share it on Facebook
  • Please +1 it

Downloading Instruction

Click here to download Google Plus Blogger Template for free

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