Bored Of Blogging : Change Blogging Environment To Refresh Yourself

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I’ve faced a situation when I did not write any article on my blog for more than 10 days. That’s because I was fed up with blogging, at that time I decided to quit blogging and start some other work on Internet. I thought what is the reason that is blocking me to write articles and at last I came to know that it was my old boring working environment. So, in my today’s article I am going to tell you some ways with which you can recharge your blogging environment for better blogging experience.

If you’ve a Desktop

Give a makeover to your room : If you use a desktop PC for blogging, then you must give some makeover to your room. Changing the room settings will also change your blogging style and you will also come up with new ideas and fresh energy. If you want you can follow up these 50 inspirational room designs.

Give a makeover to your computer desk : If you’re too lazy like me to give a makeover to your room then its good to give a little makeover at least to your computer desk. Changing the computer desk will give you a new feel and positive energy to work. You can add inspirational quotes, pictures to your desk for a little makeover.

Change your computer desk : If you do not want to waste time on giving a makeover to your computer desk also then its good to change the computer desk. Have a look at some of the modern computer tables here and here.

If you’ve a Laptop

Use other rooms : If you use laptop for blogging then you can use other rooms in your house just for the sake of change of working environment.

Give an extra feel to your laptop : To change the look and feel of your laptop and blogging environment, you can apply different skins to your laptop. Changing the skins of the laptop will make you feel good as if you’re using a brand new laptop. You can get a lot of new laptop skins from Infectious and Schtickers. You can also checkout Ebay for more laptop skins.

Friends houses : If you want you can also go to your friend’s house for blogging. This will completely change the blogging environment.

Take help of parks : Just take your laptop in the park early in the morning and write your daily posts and save it in offline mode. Now, when after you’re done with your articles come back home and connect to Internet and make your article go live on your blog.


Internet Cafe : If you want you can also go to your local Internet cafes for writing your articles.

These were few ways of changing the working environment for fresh thoughts and new ideas. If you are also getting bored with the old blogging environment try these tips once.

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Narendran.M June 22, 2010 at 1:32 am

Well said Gagan!!

Till now i didn’t get any situation like that, always I love blogging & even in future I should not be bored of blogging ;)

BTW, good article


Rohit Langde June 23, 2010 at 3:14 pm

It’s a general problem with me and your tips will be helpful. Changing place can change one’s mind.


Asif July 1, 2010 at 7:16 am

I have got a Laptop, I go to the local coffee shop and write the content for my blog there.


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