5 Types of Goals of a Blog


Before you start a blog you must ask yourself a question, what I am blogging for? What are the goals I need to reach? My today’s article will help you to answer this basic question. There are two types of goals (i) Short Term Goals (ii) Long Term Goals. I wrote an article long time back on short time goals of a blogger do read it. There are 5 steps to reach any goal:

  1. Set Goals
  2. Make Plan
  3. Get to Work
  4. Stick to it
  5. Reach Goal


In today’s article I am going to share 5 types of goals every blogger must know. While blogging if you’re unable to achieve these below mentioned then you’re really missing something. Let’s start:

1. Getting more traffic: I think traffic is the primary goal of all websites. Here I am not talking about organic traffic but traffic from all sources like social media and referral traffic. Learn how to increase traffic to your blog with my Blog Traffic Series.

2. Getting more subscribers: Not all bloggers focus on traffic, their primary goal is to get lots and lots of subscribers.  Subscribers are like lifetime visitors. Once a visitors becomes a subscriber he/she will be connected to your blog forever. If you look at any successful blog, all will have one thing in common and that is huge list of subscribers. If you’re planning to start a new blog, getting more subscribers must be your goal. Learn How To Convert Your First Time Visitor To Subscriber, Perform These 4 Tasks & Increase Subscribers To Your Blog and 3 Important Pages To Increase RSS Subscribers.

3. Getting more backlinks: Apart from traffic and subscribers, another goal, bloggers must consider is increase more and more backlinks. Getting high quality backlinks will increase your authority of web and high rankings in search engines. For increasing backlink do checkout this video on “Heart to Heart Link Building“.

4. Getting more leads: This goal is mainly set by companies or freelancers who adds a blog section to their official website for getting more leads. If you want your visitors to convert into customers you must set this goal. One of the most popular way to get leads in Internet Marketing is through blogs. Just subscribe to my blog as I am going to put up and article on how to get leads through your blog this week.

5. Getting more customers: Getting customers are the primary goal of companies/freelancers. Customers are the goals of websites who want more sales from their website. They do so by creating blogs, generating leads and converting them to customers.

These are the five types of goals every blogger must know. In order to start blogging, you must define your long term goal and design your blog, write posts accordingly. So, what are you blogging for (i) Traffic (ii) Subscribers (iii) Backlinks (iii) Leads or (iv) Customers. Do share your comments. Waiting.

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  • The big thing is goal , if a passion-able bloggers set up his /her goal for the viral traffic. He /She can Surely achieve the point if they do these following things .

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