5 Types of Goals of a Blog


Before you start a blog you must ask yourself a question, what I am blogging for? What are the goals I need to reach? My today’s article will help you to answer this basic question. There are two types of goals (i) Short Term Goals (ii) Long Term Goals. I wrote an article long time back on short time goals of a blogger do read it. There are 5 steps to reach any goal:

  1. Set Goals
  2. Make Plan
  3. Get to Work
  4. Stick to it
  5. Reach Goal


In today’s article I am going to share 5 types of goals every blogger must know. While blogging if you’re unable to achieve these below mentioned then you’re really missing something. Let’s start:

1. Getting more traffic: I think traffic is the primary goal of all websites. Here I am not talking about organic traffic but traffic from all sources like social media and referral traffic. Learn how to increase traffic to your blog with my Blog Traffic Series.

2. Getting more subscribers: Not all bloggers focus on traffic, their primary goal is to get lots and lots of subscribers.  Subscribers are like lifetime visitors. Once a visitors becomes a subscriber he/she will be connected to your blog forever. If you look at any successful blog, all will have one thing in common and that is huge list of subscribers. If you’re planning to start a new blog, getting more subscribers must be your goal. Learn How To Convert Your First Time Visitor To Subscriber, Perform These 4 Tasks & Increase Subscribers To Your Blog and 3 Important Pages To Increase RSS Subscribers.

3. Getting more backlinks: Apart from traffic and subscribers, another goal, bloggers must consider is increase more and more backlinks. Getting high quality backlinks will increase your authority of web and high rankings in search engines. For increasing backlink do checkout this video on “Heart to Heart Link Building“.

4. Getting more leads: This goal is mainly set by companies or freelancers who adds a blog section to their official website for getting more leads. If you want your visitors to convert into customers you must set this goal. One of the most popular way to get leads in Internet Marketing is through blogs. Just subscribe to my blog as I am going to put up and article on how to get leads through your blog this week.

5. Getting more customers: Getting customers are the primary goal of companies/freelancers. Customers are the goals of websites who want more sales from their website. They do so by creating blogs, generating leads and converting them to customers.

These are the five types of goals every blogger must know. In order to start blogging, you must define your long term goal and design your blog, write posts accordingly. So, what are you blogging for (i) Traffic (ii) Subscribers (iii) Backlinks (iii) Leads or (iv) Customers. Do share your comments. Waiting.

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How Link Analysis Revolutionized Web Search: Link Building Series Part 2

This is the second article in my Link Building Series. You can read the first article here. As told in my previous article, search engines ranked websites according to on-page factors whereas Google bought a revolutionary ranking factor called Links. In 1996, a search engine called Rankdex was introduced by Robin Li that ranked websites based on the number of links each page had. Have a look:


Rankdex: Introduced by Robin Li


Rankdex days are totally gone but this design was later acquired by Baidu, Chinese search engine and world’s 5th most visited website and then came Google.

If a website ‘a’ gives links to a website ‘b’, according to Google website ‘a’ is voting for website ’b’. More the votes, more the high rankings. But not all the links are equal. If the links comes from a popular website then the link is said to be of high quality and if the link is from a new and unpopular website then the link is said to be of low quality. In simple words, links from popular websites has much more importance than unpopular websites.

Do you know, Google began in March 1996 as a research project and this project was named as BackRub and this project was later named as Google when it was finally launched in 1998. Check out the official logo of Backrub here:

This hand is reportedly belongs to Larry Page

BackRub refers to the term backlinks, as in their research project they were examining links pointing back to a webpage. Links are therefore, a very important ranking factor for both of the 2 major search engines (i) Google (ii) Bing

In today’s world, no search engine can rank websites without considering them. In my next article you are going to learn more and more and links. Get all the tutorials in this series directly into your mailbox. Subscribe below.

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How Search Engines Killed Web Directories: Link Building Series Part 1

This is the first post in the Understanding Link Building Series. You must be surprised to know that by the end of 1993 there were only 623 websites with only 4.6% of dot com websites that means only 27 dot com websites till end of 1993. You can read more about websites data here. Global Network Navigator or GNN was the first web directory founded in May 1993 which was the first online Internet Catalog.

Note: Web Directories are the websites that contains links of others websites according to categories.

In September 1993 another web directory called W3 Catalog was launched and in January 1994 when there were around 623 websites A Jerry’s Guide to WWW was launched by Jerry Yang and David Filo. The name was later changed to Yahoo in March 1994 which was one of the famous web directories on Internet.

The problem with directories was that directories only contains list of websites categories according to the information they had. Suppose in 1993, I want to search for websites providing information on “History of India”. Web Directories were able to tell which sites provides information about “History of India” but did not read the text of the websites leading to incomplete data.

To overcome this problem a system was launched called Search Engines that had database of web pages. There were many simple search engines launched earlier but the true web search engine that was able to search through the text within the web pages in its database was Web Crawler that was launched in April 1994.

During 1995 and the next coming years many search engines evolved like Excite, Infoseek, HotBot, Alta Vista (became highly popular in 1995)

In 1998 Google was launched by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. With the growth of search engines web directories were almost killed. Users shifted to search engines for searching for websites. Even Yahoo switched from web directory to a search engines. In 2000 Yahoo started using Google index to show search results for Yahoo searches. Later they moved the web directory option at the bottom and further in coming years removed it. You can still access Yahoo directory here, but hardly anyone uses it.

Web started growing and in January 1997 web has approx. 650,000 websites. Check out the screenshot below to know number of websites and server till October, 2012-11-24

Total number of websites (logarithmic scale)

Every search engines was on the way to become popular but on the other hand Google was launched with a unique and revolutionary concept that later became the foundation concept of every search engines called Links. Most of the search engines earlier used to provide information based on the text on the web page but Google introduced the concept of Links. Google started ranking websites with good and relevant content also considering the links the web pages has from other websites. In my next article you will learn how links changed the world of Search Engines.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Get all the tutorials in this series directly into your mailbox. Subscribe below. Thanks !!

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Understanding Link Building : Link Building Secrets 2013 Series

Welcome to my “Understanding Link Building” tutorial series. This series will go on for a week i.e 7 days and each day I will share a new topic. Topics that will be covered in this series are given below. Let’s start with the introduction.

Well, it is quite possible to rank a website high on search engines without getting links to it but unfortunately it is a rare case when you have a very low completion for the keywords. But, if the competition is very high i.e. many website trying to rank for the same search phrase as you, links plays a very important role. So, you need a very strong linking strategy.

In this tutorial series you are going to learn:

  • The evolution of Search Engines
  • Importance on links
  • In depth understanding of Page Rank
  • Role of keywords and how they help in SEO
  • What are Perfect Links
  • What not to do while creating link
  • Understanding Google Link Game and a lot more
  • How to get quick links to your website
  • Link Baiting in depth
  • Link Jargon : Basic link building terms used in SEO

I will not waste your time anymore. Let’s start with my first post on “Understanding Link Building”.

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If You Hire Writers To Write For Your Blog : You Can Still Be a Good Blogger

Today I came across an article by Karan Paul from  his blog TrueMarketingCoach. Karan says “If you hire writers to write for your blog you are not actually a blogger”. My today’s article is the opposite view. I think that hiring writers to write for your blog is totally genuine and you can still be a very good blogger if you hire writers to write for your blog. Why? keep reading….

Image Credits: TrueMarketingCoach.com

Who is a blogger?

According to me, the one who creates an idea and new thoughts and then shares it with the world through a website/webpage is a blogger. It does not matter who wrapped the idea in the words. There is no harm in hiring another person to wrap your original idea in his/her words. Blogging is not only about writing, its all about new ideas and new thoughts.

Who should hire a writer for his/her blog

1. Lack of time: If you have lack of time, there is not problem in hiring other writers.

2. Lack of writing skills: A person can have lots of new ideas and thoughts in his/her niche but lacks in writing can hire other writers.

The problem

The problem occurs when you do not have idea of your own and you copy ideas from others. If you hire other writers to create a new idea for you then you are definitely not a blogger.

Ending Words

I would like to finish this article by saying that idea should be original and the idea can be converted into an article by hiring a writer.

User comments needed

Dear readers, I would like to read your comments on this controversial topic. Click here to post your comments and feedback.

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Adsense Learn with Google, Chandigarh : First Ever Google Adsense Event in Chandigarh

Today I just received email from Adsense team that they are organizing event on 1st November 2012 at Taj Hotel, Chandigarh. It’s a day for you to meet the India AdSense team and learn more about Adsense policies and preventing invalid clicks. Here is what you will be learning in the event:

  • Interpreting the Google AdSense policies & how to be compliant
  • How to prevent invalid clicks on your site

How to register

First of all the event is totally free. They have limited seats, hurry up and sign up  this registration page at the earliest, no later than Friday, October 26, 2012.

About the venue

  • Date: Thursday, November 1, 2012
  • Time: 10:00 am, with closing comments and lunch at 12:30 pm
  • Where: Taj Hotel, Block No. 9, Jan Marg, Sector 17, Chandigarh(Terrace Hall) Location on Google Map

Some Tips

  • Do bring WiFi devices with you to share images, status and videos
  • Make a list of questions you have regarding Adsense as there will be question-answer round and Adsense team will answer your questions. Its good to make list of queries earlier.
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Google Exact Match Domain Algorithm Update [EMD Update 2012]

On September 29th, 2012 Matt Cutts sent a tweet about Exact Match Domain and said that “websites with exact match domain and low quality content will see a drop in rank in small upcoming Google algorithm change”. Have a look:

In the gDays event in Gurgaon, I was told by the Google Search Quality team that such update will definitely be coming in future but I did not expect this update to come so early. But Search Engine Round Table says in its blog that 2 years back Matt publicly announced about exact match domains. Adding to it, Matt says that the change “affects 0.6% of English-US queries to a noticeable degree”.

SEOMoz shared a chart and gave list of 41 domains that fell out from top 10 rankings. Have a look:

Watch Matt Cutts video on How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

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How To Backup WordPress : 100% Secure & Working Method

It’s been 6 years I am using WordPress and there is a major method every WordPress user must know and that is how to safely backup WordPress. In this tutorial you will lean how to backup WordPress database, posts, comments, database, plugins & themes. Not only this, in this method I’ll tell you how to backup all WordPress files through cPanel in one click. After taking backup you can make a copy of your blog offline and can also move your blog to another host. By following the method below you will not loose any single setting and any single file and the steps below are 100% secure.


In order to successfully complete the backup process you need to have :

  1. FTP details
  2. cPanel details
  3. Knowledge of how to install Plugins

Step 1 : Take backup of WordPress themes and settings

First of all install a WordPress plugin called WP DB Backup to take complete backup of your database and after installing it go to Backup under Tools :

Select your backup options. You will see three backup options, you may choose anyone you like but I prefer the 3rd one.

  • Save to server
  • Download backup to PC
  • Email backup

Click on Backup now! button

After you click on Back now! button, automatic backup will start and a dialog box will appear asking you to save the backup file. The backup file extension will be of sql.gz

You can also schedule backup hourly, daily and weekly. After selecting desired options click on Schdeule Backup

This sql.gz file includes backups of :

  • Theme
  • Permalinks
  • Plugins settings
  • All posts, comments and settings

Congratulations, you’ve successfully backed up important files of your blog. Now, its time to take backup of WordPress files in your blog.

Step 2 : Taking backup of WordPress files

To restore your blog, you first need to log into your website cpanel by typing www.your-blog-name.com/cpanel. After you log into cPanel, under Files click on File Manager

Now, in the File Manager open to the folder where your blog is located

After opening your blog folder, at the top click on Select All and it will select all the files of your blog. After clicking on Select all click on Compress button just above it.

Compress button will make a ZIP file of complete files on your server and will also reduce the size of the files, this will help you to download the backup. Now, select your file compression format and at the bottom click on Compress Files

When you will click on Compress files, it will start compressing the files and will generate a dot zip file in your blog directory. In my case it is .qidb.zip. It can be different in your case.

Now, select that file and download it in your PC.

Congratulations, now you have taken complete backup of your WordPress blog including all WordPress files, theme settings, plugins, posts, comments and all other things. This is the most secure and easy way to take backup of your blog. I always use this method and till now I have not faced any problem.

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Google Plus : The Ultimate Guide

Google Plus, the newest,latest and a very different member of social networking websites. Now, why I call Google Plus a different social networking websites, you will get to know about it later in this article. Google Plus is a fantastic service that allows you to share your thoughts, ideas, photos, videos with the world. Most of the bloggers out there says, what’s different with Google Plus? Its just an old social networking site like My Space, Orkut & Facebook. But my dear friends if we are smart then Google is smarter. Google Plus has those awesome features that are still not present in any of other social networking website till now.

How Google Plus is different

Google Plus is quite different from other social networking websites and the very first feature that makes it unique is that in Google Plus you can share different stuff with different group of people. Suppose, I want to share my family pics and I do not want my college friends should see it, Google plus can help to filter such things better. This can easily be done with the help of Circles. I cannot choose between different group of people in Facebook but yes, in Google it is very much possible. This is the primary reason why Google plus is different.

Google Plus Basic Terms


1. Circles provides us an option to share stuff on Google plus differently with different group of people, which means you can create different networks on a single platform with a single account at the same time. This can be done with the help of Circles. With Circles you can group people together eg, family, friends, college friends, bloggers etc and share posts, videos, images with them individually. By default Google Plus comes with following Circles:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Acquaintances
  • Following

2. Google Plus provides option to create your custom Circles also and mange them. How? I’ll tell you. At the top Google + Toolbar click on Circles icon:

3. When you click that icon, you will see list of your Circles. If you’re opening your Circles first time you will see following Circles:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Acquaintances
  • Following

4. The number inside the Circles shows the number of people that are in the Circle. If you want to see the number of people on any particular Circle just click on that Circle at the bottom.

5. There is another option when you will open Circles and that is Find People. This option allows you to search and browse more people on Google Plus network. With this feature, you can find friends from Yahoo, Hotmail and can also upload your own address book. Google already displays those people who are in your Gmail list.

6. How to create a Circle : Creating your own custom Circle in Google Plus is very easy. Just click on Circles link at top, and at the bottom click on the Circle titled Drop here to create a Circle.

Name your Circle and add people and click on Create.

7. You can also edit existing Circles and change default name and description by clicking on the blue Circle and then selecting Edit.

Note : You can also edit any Circle just by right clicking on it and selecting Edit circle.


1. Stream is a unique name given by Google Plus which is same as Wall in Facebook. The very first thing anyone will do on any social networking website is read or write. So, in order to share your thoughts, photos, videos with others you will need Stream. Whenever you post any stuff to your stream, this is called Sharing. You can share following stuff on Google Plus:

  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Your location

2. Text : Whenever you type any text on share box, you can use following formatting options :

  • To make anything bold use *bold*
  • For italics write _Italics_
  • For strike through type -Strikeouts-
  • For mentioning anyone you can use + or @ symbol just like in Facebook

This is how your share will look like after using above formatting tricks:



3. You can upload photos, create albums and share it with friends. If you’ve Google + Android app installed in your phone, you can directly share photos & videos on Google + just by a click of a button. How? I’ll tell later, it’s better to go through all the features and know all the tips & tricks.

4. Stream filtration : You can filter you streams by clicking on the Circles name in the left hand side column. The Circle name will turn red when selected. There is a stream filter calledIncoming. It displays the streams of those people who have shared something with you but they are not in any of your Circles.


1. Hangouts is a superb feature in Google Plus that allows you to start a video conference as well as group chat with people in your Circles. You can invite people, chat and even watch YouTube videos all together.

2. You can start a hangout from the right side column by clicking on Start a hangout button. But before clicking on Start a hangout button, there are few things you must know few following things:

  • In order to start a hangout you need to have the Google Voice and Video Plugin. If you do not have it you can download it here.
  • Maximum members in a hangout are 10. I think Google must increase it.
  • If no activity is seen for 90 minutes by any member, Hangout closes automatically.
  • You must have a good Internet speed and must have a webcam and a microphone.
3. You can also start Hangout through YouTube. Open any YouTube video, click on Share button and you will see there is an option to start a Hangout.


1. The next icon after Home in Google + Toolbar is Photos. When you will click on it, you will see lots of photos from your Circles. These are photos that are recently uploaded by people that are in your circles. You can browse to different photo section by clicking different options in the left hand side column :

  • Photos from your circles : It will display recent uploads around Circles
  • Photos from your phone : Photos that will upload from your phone
  • Photos of you : It will display photos in which you’re tagged
  • Your albums : Every photo you upload comes in an album, you can view complete albums here

2. There is a button at extreme right titled Upload New Photos. Clicking on it will allow you to upload photos to your albums. But there are few points you must remember :

  • Every account gets 1 GB space for free photo storage
  • You cannot upload photos larger than 2048×2048 pixels


The second most thing I love Google Plus is because if its search feature. You can do huge number of things with Google Plus search feature. At the top of Google Plus you will see search box. When you will type anything in it, it will show results and when you will hit enter you will be taken to Google + search result page. This page consists of :

Everything : This is the default option, it will show results based on all the options below i.e people, pages, posts, sparks etc.

People : Selecting this option will display people on Google Plus. The results will be displayed according to name as well as the content in the profile. You can also directly add people to Circles on search page.

Google + Posts : You can search for your own posts as well as posts shared by others with the help of Google + Posts tab.

Sparks : An extra ordinary feature in Google Plus. All the above three options helps you to search content that are in Google Plus with the help of Sparks you can search posts around the web that are shared by other Google Plus users.

Suppose you type any company name or your own name daily on Google Plus, you can easily save that searches by hitting Save This Search button at the top right corner. Google + will save the search with the name of the keyword that your searched for.

If you want to remove the search, at the right hand side place your cursor on the search name and click on x button.

Google Plus on Mobile

At first Google Plus application came for Android and then for iPhone but we have Google + app for both the operating systems. You can access Google + app by visiting www.google.com/mobile/+

iPhone app vs Android app

Though you can access Google Plus application on both iPhone as well as Android phones but there is a slight difference between the two. Android application has a feature called Instant Upload.

Whenever take any picture or capture any video, all the data will be uploaded to a private folder in Google Plus. If you want you can share and even download them on your PC. iPhone app is mostly similar to Android app.


After the release of Google Plus, it introduced games feature to it. You can open the games link by clicking on the games icon at the Google + search bar. The left side column consists game categories. Select the category and click on game icon and you will see play button, click on it and start playing the game. You need not to install any extra plugin to play the games.


Though Google Plus has similar settings as Facebook and can be understood easily but there is an option in the left hand side called Data Liberation. Google + settings can be opened byvisiting this link

This option lets you download and take backup of all our photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts, and Buzz posts to your computer. To keep yourself updated about all Google Plus features, tips and tricks do subscribe to my blog.

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Google Plus Blogger Template

Google Plus project started few weeks back. I just saw few WordPress templates getting released, so I thought to release its Blogger version. Well, personally I really love the design of Google Plus and thinking of re-designing my blog giving it a bit of look same as Google Plus but may be later. Check out the screenshot below of the latest Google Plus Blogger Template.

Google Plus Blogger Template Screenshot, Demo & Download link


Important Instructions

  • If you want to change the logo, open template source code and search for “http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xCHd5XPjtFE/TiwuQPqeGWI/AAAAAAAAC_8/PVHle-Rvk8g/s320/google-logo-plus-0fbe8f0119f4a902429a5991af5db563.png” and replace this image link with you own logo but remember the size should be same.
  • There are four menu option but beside the logo, by default I’ve given some links, if you want to change it, you have to do it manually. Search for <div class=’top-options’> and you can make the changes there.
  • At top there is option to add Pages that are added automatically.

My humble request

I’ve four requests to make, to all the users who are downloading this template:

  • Please do not remove footer credits
  • Please re-tweet this post
  • Please like it and share it on Facebook
  • Please +1 it

Downloading Instruction

Click here to download Google Plus Blogger Template for free

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